Energy meters from State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation» has been successfully operating virtually in all regions of Ukraine. Their main consumers are energy supplying companies: źKharkovoblenergo╗, źZhytomyroblenergo╗, źKhmelnytsoblenergo╗, źKhersonoblenergo╗, źSevastopolenergo╗, źVinnytsiaoblenergo╗, źNykolayivoblenergo╗, źDnepropetrovskoblenergo╗, źZakarpattyaoblenergo╗.

Specific features of our meters are:

  • accuracy in collecting the data on consumed energy;
  • high sensitivity threshold;
  • low power consumption;
  • high protection level against unauthorized energy consumption;
  • high reliability, confirmed with operations results.

    State Scientific Production Enterprise źKommunar Corporation╗ is continuously expanding its range of energy meters, developing new models, improving and upgrading the existing ones. The line includes single-phase and three-phase energy meters.

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