The background and evolution of the enterprise operations started in 1927, when the children’s labour commune was established in Kharkov. Being named after F.E. Dzerzhnisky, it was created and run by the famous teacher А.S. Makarenko.



In 1928-29 workshops were equipped, and since 1930 first production floors were put into operation. In January 1932 electric tool plant began its operations, in 1934 mass production of the first in the country photo camera «FED» was launched. During the Great Patriotic War the facilities were evacuated to the interior and over a within a short period of time it arranged the production of items for the front — fuel pumps for aviation engines and distance-measuring meters. Upon its return from the evacuation and restoration of the production from 1944 to 1950 the plant manufactured a wide range of electric tools.



In 1951 plant «Elekctroinstrument» was transferred to the Ministry of communications in order to arrange the production of board and ground devices for rocket control systems. The staff had a challenge to create a design, technology and other services, capable of deploying new production facilities, train working staff to performing new operations, taking into consideration high requirements to the quality, introduce advanced process flows.


In 1952 the enterprise moved from the stage of research, development and field equipment tests, to the stage of mass production. Since 1952 State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation» has been engaged in manufacturing air-borne and ground equipment for the control systems of various defence and space rocket carriers, devices of spacecraft control systems. Alongside with the development of rocket production in 1954 the plant introduced the produсtion of radio receivers «Zvezda», «Donets», «Kharkov».



From 1964 State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation» manufactured air-borne control system for «Proton» carriers, as well as the ground checking launch system for this product. The carrier was produced by Moscow machinery plant named after Khrunichev.


Since 1967 the Proton rocket carrier placed into orbit over 200 different spacecraft. Among them there are famous orbital stations of «Salut», «Mir», «Alpha», modules «Kvant», «Crystal», «Spectr», «Priroda» and «Zorya» — the first module of international space station of «Alpha».

Air-borne devices, manufactured by the enterprise, participated in implementing the following programmes:


Using the ground testing system «Cypress», created by the «Kommunar Corporation» specialists, the launch of reusable space shuttle «Buran» was performed. A number of spacecraft was tested: «Araks», «Gelios», «Koupon», «Meridian» etc.


In 1969 the millionth TV set «Berezka-3» was manufactured, and since 1975 the enterprise introduced the production of colour TV sets.


In 1986 State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation» launched the batch production of air-borne control system devices for the «Zenith» rocket carrier. The rocket was developed and has been manufactured Yuzhny machine-building plant in Dnepropetrovsk. The control system is a modern automated complex with air-borne digital computers and control units.



Since 1997 State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation» has participated in manufacturing the control system of «Zenith-3SL» rocket, designed for the international projects «Sea launch», «Alpha» and «Global Star».

Under the conditions of space orders reduction State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation» has been increasingly involved in the production of consumer goods. The share of instrumentation for the domestic market has been rising in the range of the enterprise products. The most recent developments of the communards are X-ray scanning systems «Polyscans», which have no analogues in the CIS.

Upon the order of the aviation makers the «Kommunar» implemented and has been producing air-conditioning systems and de-icing systems for Аn-38, Аn-70, and Аn-140 aircraft. Public utilities and energy companies have high demand for the welding machines, manufactured by the enterprise, energy meters and cold and hot running water meters. The developments of our enterprise include and the software and hardware control set steam turbines.



Since 1999 upon the order of «Ukrzaliznytsia» State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation» has been manufacturing components for open-plan railway carriages — furniture, electric equipment, locks, information displays, radio sets and lighting, control units and interior of the carriages, as well as sliding doors for underground carriages.

Having its great manufacturing potential and highly competent engineering and working staff State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation» is expanding the range of its products and is increasing the produce volumes. It invites all interested persons to cooperation.