Reliable socially facilities are an important part of the contemporary company management.

It is common knowledge that the performance and social policy are interrelated. State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation» is proud to claim that its most valuable asset has been its personnel. If we care of people, they in return assume more responsibility for their job duties. This is the only way to successful operations... State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation» has always believed that without good recreation and leisure it is impossible to expect serious achievements from the staff. Therefore, major directions in the social policy of the enterprise have been: arrangements for good leisure, sport and cultural events for the staff and their families; social assistance to the employees and retired people. A significant part belongs to compliance with the provisions of the Collective agreement.

The social facilities of State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation" include recreational centre «Serebryany Bor", cultural and sport complex, children’s and junior sport archery school «Kommunar" , children’s recreational centre «Berezka".