Our water meters have gained wide popularity with Ukrainians. They allow to male considerable savings on utility payments.

We produce cold and hot water flow meters, designed to measure the volume of consumed water by domestic consumers in water supply systems with the working pressure of up to 1 MPa and the temperature from +5° to +90.

The meter case is made of high quality material, containing a course particle filter and an impeller of the counting mechanism.

Absolute and ultimate compliance with global standards for drinking water and human health protection. High accuracy of indications within the whole range of measured volumes is ensured: in -1,5 by single-stream impeller mechanism, in -10 by multi-stream impeller mechanism. Rotation transmission from the impeller to the counting mechanism is through a magnet coupling, which fully protects the counting mechanism from water penetration.
svk-1-5-1.jpg svk-1-5-3.jpg svkm-10.jpg
-1,5-1 -1,5-3 -10

Meters have been certified and included into the state register of measurement devices of Ukraine, Belorussia, the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic.

Features -1,5 -10
Nominal diameter Dy, mm 15 15
Counting mechanism capacity, m3 99999,999 99999,999
Counting mechanism scale value, m3 0,0005 0,0005
Nominal water consumption, Qnom, m3/hour 1,5 10
Minimum water consumption, Qmin, m3/hour 0,03 0,2
Transitional water consumption, Qt, m3/hour 0,12 0,8
Maximum water consumption, Qmax, m3/hour 3,0 20,0
Sensitivity threshold, m3/hour 0,015 0,1
Limit of the main measurement reduced error, %:
In the lower zone of consumption from Qmin to Qt ±5 5
In the upper zone of consumption from Qt to Qmax:
- for cold water 2 2
- for hot water 3 3
Calibration period, years 4 3
Full expected life, years, min 12 12
Fittings thread diameter 1/2" 1 1/2"
Weight, kg, up to
- without a set of fittings 0,55 5,5
- with a set of fittings 0,90 7,3
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