SSPE “Kommunar Corporation” is the leader of the components for the rail transport and social purpose transport in Ukraine.

The enterprise is producing modern and comfortable elements of the carriages interior, electrical equipment, windows and doors. The technical facility permits to produce interior elements for more than 200 carriages per annum, which can provide with quality components all wagon and repair plants of Ukraine for the production of the new carriages and repair of the overage carriages.

The enterprise is delivering the products to the railways of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.


  • are produced serially more than 600 component items for the passenger railway cars;
  • is organized the production of the in-house design sliding plug doors for the passenger carriages and transit vehicles;
  • together with the company «RAWAG», Poland is organized the co-production of the windows (of all types) for passenger rail cars, diesel-multiple unit train and electric trains, transit vehicles. These products is certified in the territory of Ukraine;
  • is working on the development and manufacturing of the products for the general overhaul and renewal transit vehicles interior, further assortment expansion, and particularly of the new high-voltage equipment, control boards, interior complete sets, aluminum vestibule doors with the honeycomb filler, sliding plug doors drives and many other products.

To purchase contact us by tel./fax: + 38 (057) 702 98 86.