The development, manufacture and supply of software and hardware (SH) for the automated control systems of energy, industrial properties and transport.

Our products provide solutions to a wide range of automated process control system tasks, including the online control of steam and gas turbine units.

SH Functionality:

  • Reception of discrete signals, coming to the devices as voltage rates of direct or alternating current, as well as from «dry contacts»;
  • Reception and measurement of analogue signals from temperature sensors (thermo-couples and resistance temperature detectors), and voltage and current rates;
  • Measurement of power three-phase electric mains. Input signals – signals from current transformers ranging from 0 to 5 А and voltage from 0 to 100 V;
  • Measurement of frequency of sine or pulse signals;
  • data exchange via discrete communication channels RS-232, RS-485, CAN, Ethernet;
  • logical and mathematical data processing;
  • formation of equipment control output signals;
  • adjustment functions;
  • recording, visualizing and documenting process information;
  • variety of equipment configurations (including the creation of distributed systems);
  • central computing core with Pentium ММХ processing unit;
  • operability under severe climatic conditions;
  • high reliability indicators (including the mean time between failures up to 50 thousand hours for reserve SH options);
  • long uninterrupted running time.

EDB «POLISVIT» provides:

  • start-up work and on-site designer supervision
  • training customer’s operations service personnel
  • warranty and post-warranty service

Our products are in operation at:

  • OJSC «Alchevskkoks», Alchevsk, Lugansk region
  • CJSC «Thermal Power Plant-3», Kharkov
  • Lviv State Public Utility «Lvivteploenergo», Lvov
  • OJSC «SILUR», Khartsizsk, Donetsk region