VDUC-1000.jpgRectifier -1000 is designed for arc welding with consumable electrodes of alloyed and carbon steel using automatic units and tractors.

The inverter rectifier allows to adjust voltage-current rigidity parameter which enables its transformation for welding in different modes.

Rectifier is provided with voltage sources of ~18V, ~24 V, ~36V for connecting external consumers.

1000 provides:

  • adjustment of welding voltage;
  • adjustment of VAP rigidity:
  • assignment of welding voltage and VAP rigidity values;
  • from the front panel;
  • through communication interface from P;
  • from remote control.
  • smooth capacitor charge of the input filter for preventing current and voltage surges;
  • measurement of welding current and voltage indicating their values on the digital indicator and the PC through communication interface;
  • diagnostics and indication of the source technical condition through the communication interface with the PC;
  • protecting inverter switching off in case of overheating sensors activation, absence of phase voltage, high voltage of idle operation, exceeding the permissible current value;
  • Switching on fans at the beginning of welding, provided overheating of controlled units of the source and switching off under idle operation

Supply voltage (A,B,C), V 380, 50Hz
Welding current range, 200-1000
Welding voltage range, V 20-56
Power consumption, KW up to 65
Idle running voltage, V 30-95
Low idle running voltage, V up to 12
Ambient temperature, ° From -25 to +40
Climatic performance under State Standard GOST 15150-69 .1
Mechanic performance under State Standard GOST 30631-99 M
Electric safety class under State Standard GOST 01
Device protection degree under State Standard GOST 14254-96 IP22

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