To produce parts of sheet metal with the thickness from 0,7 mm to 3 mm and the length of up to 3000 mm by stamping we use high performance equipment including that with computer numerical control (press machines Amada, Evropa, Berens etc.).
 forming1.jpg forming2.jpg forming3.jpg

The use of highly resistant tooling in this equipment allows to carve complex contours, holes of various shapes and sizes.

During computer design the placement of parts on the sheet increases the efficiency of material use up to 80–90 %.

The bending machine enables to bend a part of the metal sheet with the thickness from 0,5 to 3 mm with complex space configuration.

To manufacture products from pipes complex space configuration (up to 8 bends) of any metal: copper, steel, stainless steel, titanium we use programmable equipment with bending accuracy ±0,15°. The equipment allows to bend pipes: Ø 14x2 R20, Ø 18x1.5 R25, Ø 20x2 R50, Ø 20x2.5 R40, Ø 25x2 R40, Ø 25x2.5 R50, Ø 30x4 R60. Maximum pipe length is 2050mm.

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